In a little less than 16 hours, it begins.

I’ll be writing my third album during the month of February. I’ll be going into seclusion while doing so; I’ll post, but I won’t be reading comments or chatting with people much.

I’m nervous, excited, scared out of my wits, predatory, giddy, and a whole host of other emotions about this.

I don’t expect the album to be released on March 1 (other than the obligatory release over to the good folks of the RPM challenge as required). I will likely take a few weeks to finalize any mixdown issues and such.

But it’ll be on iTunes, Amazon, and all the other stores and streamers this spring.

Gateway. Spring 2014.

If you are interested, my other work is online (I list iTunes and Amazon but there many other stores):



I’ll be relaunching my music exclusive site in the spring.