Day Zero

The competition began at midnight. This time around, I actually stayed up and decided to symbolically begin work, unlike previous years.

I finally called it quits after 2AM, having laid down several sounds and harmony lines in the first of my files. After some much needed sleep, I took up the work again.

All in all today has been productive — but not in the sense I expected. I ended up creating five files of example sounds and lines, and not actually writing/producing anything yet. But the structure is there. What I need to work on now is to figure out just where this jumble of sounds is all going. There are many, many lush pads and backing arpeggios, but I haven’t yet heard the structure of the album.

This album was going to have eight songs this time around, rather than my usual seven. My thinking was to add an ‘overture’ which would be composited from the rest of the work. I still don’t know if this is going to work as an idea or not; I suspect it might have to be a very late decision during this month.

Most of the songs are named; two are needing new names. I hate the working titles for the middle two and need to refine them. I might reveal the titles later on.