In a little less than 16 hours, it begins. I’ll be writing my third album during the month of February. I’ll be going into seclusion while doing so; I’ll post, but I won’t be reading comments or chatting with people much. I’m nervous, excited, scared out of my wits, predatory, giddy, and a whole host … Continue Reading »

Prepping the Musical Gear

Last night I unfolded the keyboard stand, found a couple spare boards I’d not been using, and set up my smaller keyboards and laptop upon it. I wanted to start preparing for Record Producing Month, which is now less than two weeks away. All the connections worked. I had to fiddle with the configurations of … Continue Reading »

Sick Thinking

This is the line of thought that plagues me at 2AM when I’ve been evacuating the contents of my stomach into the toilet, repeatedly: The human body is a massive chemical engine. Engines can be monitored. Sensors exist. They’re used all the time: just look at the iPhone. Why is there not a chemical sensor … Continue Reading »