Gateway – A new album by Joseph Gergis

My third album, ‘Gateway’ is released as of March 2, 2014. I’m awaiting confirmation on the various online music stores of its availability; until then, I’ve decided not to fully release all the tracks except for the four known ‘in the wild’ copies that I’ve provided to some select individuals. (You know who you are and so do I. 😉 )


I’ve also decided not to write the full commentary on the album just yet since I really, really want to be able to discuss it once it’s actually available for purchase on every conceivable streaming and online store that Tunecore uses. So until then, I will say this: first, there is a sample of the theme in my earlier blog posts; and second, here is the first song off of Gateway. I hope you enjoy it. The Soundcloud page listed below WILL change once I can link to iTunes, which I am told might be later this week. Once I can, I’ll make the entire album available for streaming and hope that you purchase it if you like it enough.


Until that time: Gateway, by Joseph Gergis, on Soundcloud.