Day Four

It is now my belief that I have finished the compositional stage of the album. As I see it, I think I’ve written most of the major elements and themes of all the songs, and I think I’m ready to actually start full recording instead of just snippets. That should take the next 8-10 days based on my time availability (subject to change without notice, see store for details, your mileage may vary, batteries not included, offer void where prohibited, allow six to eight weeks to arrive).

I’ve definitely gone and done something different than what I normally do. It is not, by any stretch, as sonically dense in the sense of varying melody and such; this album is very solidly ambient — but ambient of the variety that has rhythm and pulse. Some ambient I’ve listened to is very slow, atmospheric, and without percussive elements. That’s not the type I mean.

I can’t explain it any further until I have song samples to share — but those will be coming soon enough.