Day Three

I spent most of today reviewing some atmospheric sounds I need, and reorganizing what I had for the song layouts.

The last song is as yet unstructured, and although it is a reprise I am still not sure this is the correct direction for it. Unfortunately I think I’ll have to write the rest of the album in order to figure it out.

The Gateway Overture, the first song on the album, is starting to become a very interesting beast in my notes. Originally I wasn’t going to have it at all, which is why I’ve been working on the second song of the album for so long. But now, it officially bumps it to the third song, which means I haven’t officially started the album yet. 🙂

I’ve been bouncing back and forth on the overture piece for so long, but as of last night some parts of it started to make sense. For now, it is in.

I hope, tomorrow, to be able to record for a few hours.