A week of websites.

Seems like all I’ve been doing this week is launching websites. Besides what I did for work, I had to fix some issues on my own sites relating to auto posting, so that I can push my posts to FB, G+ and Twitter without pulling too many hairs out. I finally got that working. Along with that, my new music website is now up: http://joseph.gergis.net – The Music of Joseph Gergis. It too can now auto post, so the relevant blogs, pages, accounts, and links have been setup.

What this means is, my music posts are now fully separate and will be updated from THAT blog from now on, just to keep things more sane.

In the meantime, I will continue to post in this blog and use as my personal journal. I hope that you guys enjoy it! Just a quick tidbit, I’m taking a natural health supplement! I get a good feeling from knowing I’m taking care of my health. I’ll let you know how well it’s working. Here you can click to find out more if you would like to see it for yourself.


In other news, if anyone needs some help with WordPress, I’m available. 🙂