Day 22

I lost about two days due to illness. This winter has not been kind to me.


The album is done. One of the side effects of being ill is that by not listening to it for a day or so I got the chance to let it simmer. When I listened to it again, I made the decision NOT to include the overture. I came to this decision by listening to the end of ‘The Passage to Eternity’, my last album, followed by the entirety of ‘Gateway.’ What I discovered was that including an overture, a largely orchestral work, would break the flow of this new work. Although the songs can be listened to individually, it is actually a complete work that really requires all of the songs working together to represent a complete musical idea. Adding the overture would break its flow, and I am trying to be as honest as I can to the music.


I am currently working on the mixing and equalization and hope to finish that task soon. Once that’s done, I’ll burn a CD; I will have met all the requirements of the RPM challenge. Some weeks after that, the album will appear on various music stores.


It’s been an amazing effort. I’ll talk more about the album itself in posts to come.



Composed and Produced by Joseph Gergis

  1. Gateway I
  2. Through the Looking Glass
  3. Event Horizon
  4. On the Other Side
  5. The Edge of Forever
  6. Persistence of Vision
  7. Gateway II