Day 18 / 1

I just finished a run through all of the songs I have. I still have one song to write; it will be short, but I think I can handle it this weekend. (The Gateway Overture, if you’re wondering).


With the exception of mixdown and transitions I think the album is largely done. There’s one transition I REALLY do not want to work on, but alas, I am going to be handling it in the next few minutes or so. I think it will end up annoying me to no end. We shall see.


I’m excited. The next task after this will be to render everything down and then listen to the whole album in its entirety.


  1. The Gateway Overture
  2. Gateway I
  3. Through the Looking Glass

    Event Horizon

  5. On The Other Side
  6. ?
  7. ??
  8. Gateway II (come on, this should have been obvious)