Day 16

It’s been a few days; I have been frantically recording as much material as I can. By my estimates I am now a day behind or so.

The midpoint of this exercise has come and gone. At the midpoint, February 14, I was not yet in good shape. That changed on the 15th, where the first full draft of the entire album (save for two songs) was mixed down.

It has no effects; the transitions are sloppy; there are many errors; I don’t care.


I’ve heard the album. It is something I like very much and am proud to put my name on.


In other news, my trusty M-Audio Ozone is no longer capable of keeping up; I have had to retire it and move to a Focusrite 2i4 Audio/MIDI interface. I needed the faster DSP.


I have two more songs to record; once that is done, between now and next weekend I will be mixing down and adjusting the transitions of all the songs. I feel like the goal will be met this year with a little time to spare, which is good. I still have other things to consider; album art hasn’t even been a thought of mine yet.


1. The Gateway Overture

2. Gateway I

3. Through the Looking Glass

4. Event Horizon